Meet Draftcheck, your new digital contract assistant!

DraftCheck, now available for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs  developed to save you time, help make documents better, and ensure your documents are  error free.

DraftCheck is built for the modern contract professional

Transactional Attorneys

DraftCheck was created for lawyers by lawyers so you can reduce your repetitive time consuming tasks in favor of more high value complex work.

Contract Managers

Draftcheck is a valuable asset for any business professionals responsible for reviewing and managing contracts.

Why DraftCheck?

Save Time

Save Money

Stay Organized


Automated Review

Catch drafting errors with just one click. DraftCheck artificial intelligence and rules based logic surfaces formatting errors, cross-references, term-definitions, inconsistencies and more, accelerating contract review so that you can ensure your documents are clean, clear, and error free.

Mitigate risk, cut costs, and drive efficiency

Multi-Document Defined Terms Check

Integrate multiple documents to align definitions and ensure the quality of the relationship between contracts.

Document Scoring (Coming Soon!)

Is your document ready to be shared? Check the progress you’re making and drill down into all of the errors that need to be addressed.

Contract History & Continuous Scanning

As you correct drafting errors, DraftCheck continues to run scans in the background to ensure your changes are being tracked and related errors resolved.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy!

Your documents, your information, your data.  Your documents and its contents never leave your computer.  All processing happens LOCALLY ON YOUR MACHINE!  I know we’re all used to things happening in that magical thing called the cloud, but the only thing that happens on Draftcheck servers is authentication.


All Features

Trial Offer:

For the first 30 days, enjoy full access to all these features absolutely FREE! No auto-billing after trial.

Subscription Pricing:

After your trial period ends, continue to experience the seamless benefits of DraftCheck with our affordable subscription plan at just $20 per month.

  • Automated Review
  • Multi-Document Conflict and Cross Reference Checks
  • Document Navigation
  • Contract History & Continuous Scanning
  • Run Multiple Projects