Finding things that are lost with

Every morning when I wake up with my kids, we usually do the normal putz around stuff. I watch them walk around like zombies, they try to eat something before they head off to school, and then the inevitable happens. We run around right as we’re about to leave frantically looking for whatever it is that they need that is now lost. Whether it’s shoes (the most often lost thing…does anyone always find their kids shoes?), homework folders, hairbrush, hair tie, and even occasionally, the random pair of underwear that has to be worn that day or life will end! (No, I did not make that up).

In legal documents, it’s not much different. There are sooo many things inside of legal documents, and it’s very easy to lose them. Defined Terms, Cross-References, To-Dos, URL’s, Email Addresses. They are all prone to getting lost, and far too often.

That’s what is for. To help you with finding the things you lost in your document. With the click of a button, will find that lost word, that cross-reference, or that pesky email address that everyone forgets to update in the template. If it’s a shoe you’re looking for, well, I’ll start looking with you and when we find it, let’s celebrate!

A hand holding a shoe in the air
Finding things in contracts is like finding a shoe that is lost with