Google Chrome Extension Version1.3.1 is released

We’re proud to announce that Version 1.3.1 of our Google Chrome Extension has been released!

DraftCheck users spoke and we listened. Initial users of the Chrome Extension indicated that they were uncomfortable granting access to their entire Google Drive.  Some functionality requires this (like the file picker).  However, you don’t have to grant that access unless you want to use those features.   In that vain, we’ve modified the extension so that permissions are only requested when you use that feature/functionality that requires the respective function!

For those that have already installed it, it should update automatically.  If not, please find  the extension here.

Please let us know how we’re doing.  We’re hear and we’re listening.

Up next is performance improvements (especially large documents) and sustainability.  More updates on that too come and thanks for being a part of the DraftCheck journey!