Making Documents Perfect – Proofreading Tips and Checklist: Tip #2

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Cleaning up Undefined Terms
Tip #2: Clean Up Unused Defined Terms

As lawyers, we use defined terms to refer to an idea, an object, a party, or something that has been uses to many words to continue to write out the whole phrase at a later time.

In short, it’s a lawyer’s short hand. If you were a programmer, it would be the equivalent of a “library”.

Unused defined terms clutter your legal documents and make them harder to navigate. A reader will often wonder where this lovely term is going to come up next.

DraftCheck pinpoints the location of each defined term, a flags specifically unused ones so you can remove them and make your documents clutter free.

DraftCheck’s intuitive interface allows you to tackle this common drafting issue efficiently, saving you time and effort. Streamline your contracts and legal documents with DraftCheck’s powerful features, and ensure your agreements are polished and professional.

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