Making Documents Perfect – Proofreading Tips and Checklist: Tip #5

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DraftCheck helps you find undefined words

Tip #5: Spot Undefined Capitalized Terms

In legal contracts, you only capitalize a term when it’s supposed to mean something special. You write a bunch of words to describe what this word means. You put it in quotes. You do all these things to make sure that a word means a special thing. And then, shift creeps out of the corner and you have a Deer. Not a deer, but a Deer. Wait…what? What kind of Deer? Where did that Deer come from?

Sometimes, you capitalize a term accidentally or you thought you defined a term but you didn’t. And then there’s that other time where you delete that clause and it contained the definition of another word.

However you got here, I’m here you help you get back to where you want to be.

DraftCheck identifies all instances of capitalized words that aren’t defined in the document. It highlights these terms, allowing you to quickly locate them and every where the capitalized term is used so you can ensure to make sure it gets defined correctly.

With DraftCheck, you can ensure your contracts and legal documents are as clear and error-free as possible. Don’t let undefined terms undermine your agreements – try DraftCheck today with a 30-day, risk-free trial. Download DraftCheck at, as add-in for Microsoft Word and browser extension for Google Docs.