Privacy by Design –

Built by lawyers for lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals.

In my world as a tech lawyer, outside and inhouse counsel to some of the largest AI and tech companies in the world, privacy is a requirement of life. This became a prominent issue when GDPR was pushed into the forefront and is continuing as the US is adopting a variety of legislation around the country, with each state taking its own unique approach (oh how privacy and marketing professionals are really appreciating that).

With legal tools, it’s an even bigger issue. Because in addition to the user privacy issues which are really key in GDPR, legal tools add on the attorney-client privilege issue and confidentiality. While whole hosts of teams have implemented Dropbox, I’ll just give you this quote from Dropbox’s own site: “Admins on Dropbox team accounts can view files in your account using sign in as user.”

Just reading that gives me the shudders. Nonethless, I digress. was built for the ground up with this in mind. In essence, it encapsulates privacy, confidentiality, and attorney-client privilege and the principles necessary to keep everyone happy by design., whether in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, functions 100% on your machine. The only thing that happens across the internet is user login. No document ships to DraftCheck servers. No analytics about your document is sent to DraftCheck servers. The results from analyzing your document never leave your computer. If you use Google Docs, they aren’t even sent to Google. In short, there isn’t anything that could be more privacy by design.

DraftCheck was built by lawyers for lawyers and legal professionals. I built it because this is what I needed in my daily practice. And I designed it so you don’t have to think twice about whether this tool is safe to use in your practice.