DrafthCheck’s Privacy Approach from the Beginning

As a practicing attorney, one of the key components in life is confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. These ideas are drilled into an attorney’s head on a daily basis and is also one of the reasons people call attorneys, because they know if you mess with either one of those, you have a lot of problems.

For that reason, one of the key components of DraftCheck.io is Privacy. There is just a certain amount of squeamishness, whether justified or not (and in most instances I would say it is justified) that if we are using a tool on our product or using a 3rd party service with it, we might be violating/breaking/having a problem with attorney/client privilege or in some way breaching some sort of confidentiality, and at a minimum, we are introducing more risk into our work flow and practices.

With DraftCheck, there is no document data sent to DraftCheck’s servers or anywhere else for that matter. All processing of the document and all its data happens directly on your local machine (the organic part is just for fun!). Nothing about what you are working ever comes DraftCheck’s way….and this doesn’t matter the platform, whether Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft 365!

I know this is uncommon in the world of modern day technology where everything is hosted on some AWS or Azure server somewhere in the world that no one has ever seen because you don’t have data center access, but when an attorney is building products for other attorneys, this is what I think about.

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