Microsoft Word add-in is here.

DraftCheck is excited to announce the launch of its add-in for Microsoft Word! Easily download it directly from your Microsoft Application, click on it from our website or through the Microsoft Store here. With this new add-in, you can now perform comprehensive proofreading tasks right within your Microsoft Word application, similar to what you’ve enjoyed with Google Docs.

Key Features of DraftCheck’s Microsoft Word Add-in:

  1. Check Defined Terms: Detect defined terms, their usage, and accidental uncapitalized instances throughout your document effortlessly.
  2. Find Undefined Terms: Identify capitalization errors or consistent term usage that needs correction, flagged for your review and adjustment.
  3. Locate Cross-References: Track down references to different sections that might get lost amidst document changes, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  4. Identify Weblinks, Dates, and Email Addresses: Easily spot and verify small details that might be overlooked during editing, ensuring correctness.

Explore Additional Features and More: Apart from the listed features, DraftCheck offers more functionalities designed to enhance your proofreading experience. Explore the tool to discover its full potential and provide feedback on your experience.

Exciting Upcoming Features: Stay tuned for upcoming updates! DraftCheck is actively working on making the tool more interactive, aiming to provide real-time feedback on your document’s accuracy, bringing you closer to creating near-perfect documents.

Experience the efficiency and accuracy of DraftCheck’s Microsoft Word add-in today, and anticipate upcoming enhancements that will revolutionize your proofreading process.