And we’re off! v.2.2.2 for Chrome is out! docx compatibility and so much more.

Greetings, document perfectionists! Apologies for the recent quiet; we’ve been diligently refining Draftcheck to ensure it catches every error flawlessly. We’re thrilled to unveil v.2.2.2 for Chrome, now available in the Chrome marketplace! Snag it here and experience error-free document crafting. Don’t miss the chance to explore the free trial at!

Curious why it took so long? Hold onto your hats! We’ve orchestrated a series of game-changing upgrades and enhancements that’ll transform your document editing process into a precision-driven journey.

Seamless Google Docs Integration: Say farewell to the tedious editing cycle! We’ve completely revamped the Google Docs backend interface. Whether you’re an assistant, a paralegal, attorney, a tech aficionado, or part of a small business, Draftcheck now seamlessly integrates into your workflow. No more downloading, editing in different applications, and re-uploading – it’s all streamlined right within your workspace.

Enhanced Precision and Adaptability: We’ve fine-tuned our checks to cater to diverse drafting styles. Embrace your unique approach! Our tools are primed to adapt and accommodate various drafting techniques, ensuring meticulous precision in every document.

Clarity Amidst Complexity: Redlines and strikethrough text? No distractions here! Our system is fine-tuned to declutter your workspace. Enjoy a clearer, more intuitive editing environment for enhanced document readability.

Effortless .docx Compatibility: Seamlessly transition between Google Docs and Microsoft Word! Draftcheck now effortlessly supports .docx files, ensuring a consistent editing experience across platforms.

Meet the Microsoft Word Add-In: Get ready for the grand entrance of Draftcheck into Microsoft Word! Stay tuned for our forthcoming blog post, unveiling the all-new Microsoft Word Add-In. Imagine wielding all the powerful Draftcheck features within Word’s familiar environment.

And here’s the key – your document security matters. At Draftcheck, your privacy remains sacrosanct. Everything stays local, keeping your documents exclusively yours. No data leaves your possession except for your login details. Simple. Secure. Yours.

Ready to perfect your documents with precision? Embrace v.2.2.2 now and unlock flawless document crafting!