Next Big Release

Our next big release is coming up in about 2 weeks and honestly I’m so excited about it.  A couple of big things under the hood:

  1. Google Docs Updates.  We’ve completely reworked the Google Docs library.  Expect better performance all around.  We’ve increased the speed and loading times of the tool.  We’ve improved accuracy and timing.  We are doing everything possible to bring you the best tool possible and make your end product the best it can be.
  2. Microsoft Word 365 both Desktop and Online versions.  You heard that right!  We’ll be releasing an add-in for Microsoft Word that works on both the desktop and the online version.  You’ll have the same functionality with word that users have been loving with Google Docs.
  3. Serious under the hood updates.  The checks are better, faster, and more accurate.  We’re improving our exclusions lists, prepping for multilingual, and I won’t even tell you about the updates that we are working on behind the scenes, but let’s just say, I think your speed, efficiency and ability to communicate with your users is going to increase multi fold!

We want to hear from you on what you are doing, how you are using the tool, and how we can make it better!  More to come but every excited to bring more to the table!