Silence – but there is work behind the scenes

Sorry for the last couple of weeks silence on the blog. I had some significant personal matters to attend to which took all of my focus.  None the less, we are hard at work behind the scenes with wonderful things to come.

First up, our Google Docs library changes are about complete.  You will see significant improvement in accuracy when selecting words and the corresponding navigation.

Second, we have some bigger things underway.  We are actively working on a Microsoft Word Add-In so that all of you who are fixed on using the tried and true will begin to be able to benefit from the tool set.

Lastly, we have begun the background work on our AI initiatives.  Expect a lot of information on this over the next few weeks/months as we start to implement some of the most impressive tool sets for transactional attorneys in the market place.  I’m really looking forward to bringing this toolset to market and hope that you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy building it!