Trust and Privacy – the keys to AI being successful

We spend a lot of time on this side of the world thinking about privacy and trust, especially when it comes to AI, that’s why there are a couple of key components that we think about whenever we’re developing and delivering tools.

First: Your information and data is, well, yours.  We don’t use it to train our models, we don’t publish it, our models can’t “auto generate” it., short answer is, your information and data is yours.  And if you are service provider, that means that all of your client data is always yours.

So what does this mean from a practical sense?

This means that we are always trying to ensure that data doesn’t leave your machine unless it needs to.  We focus relentlessly on making sure that as much processing as possible happens on your machine in the least intrusive way possible.   Whether it’s our Google Docs tools or our Microsoft Word Add-In, we minimize how much data is sent over those tubes that Al Gore so lovingly created so many years ago.

Second, as we release and deploy our AI technology, your data isn’t training our models.  There is no ability for your data to somehow be leaked, shared, or otherwise somehow be comprised because we simply don’t store it.  So feel confident that your data is and always will be yours.

Third, and this is some of the most important.  We are rolling our own engines and models.  We aren’t subject to the OpenAI and Bard’s of the world or whatever the hottest trendy competitor in the marketplace is.  Their blackbox isn’t your trusted partner, we are, and we’re happy and proud to be.  So rest assured that we can tell you every step of the way where and how anything is taking place on our system or with our products.  We take great pride in understanding not only what happens, but how it happens and stand behind our product 100%.

This means that you as a customer can take solace in knowing where your information/data/documents are going and who is responsible for it.

Lastly, we are only delivering features and products that we can stand behind 100%.  Maybe one day LLM’s and generative AI will get to a stage where they can deliver language that you can rely on, but that unfortunately isn’t today.  What is today?  What we’re delivering.  You can rely on our products, their analysis of your documents and pointing you to the most relevant and important information in your docs.

So what are we?  We’re the best paralegal/analyst/contract professional you can hire to make you the best at your job you can be!  Join us on this journey as we drive to building the best in class products in the world!